Dial Pressure Canner Testing

— Written By and last updated by Brenda Wilson

PressureCannerNow that summer is officially here, many are enjoying the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available this time of year. If you are planning to take advantage of these summer favorites by canning, it is important to make sure your pressure canner is in good condition. Low acid vegetables, meat products, and some tomato products must be canned in a pressure canner for the correct time and pressure to ensure their safety. If not processed correctly, these low acid foods may contain the deadly botulism toxin.

The Madison/Yancey/Mitchell County Extension Centers will be testing dial gauges throughout the canning season for free. Dial gauges should be tested annually, and weighted gauges do not require testing. Simply call our office to set up an appointment for this free service and to ask any other home food preservation questions you may have.

Madison County Cooperative Extension           (828) 649-2411

Yancey County Cooperative Extension             (828) 682-6186

Mitchell County Cooperative Extension           (828) 688-4811

Or email Sue_Estridge@ncsu.edu.

        Sue Estridge, Area Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences,                 Madison/Yancey/Mitchell Counties.