North Carolina Mountain State Fair

— Written By Brenda Wilson

The Mountain State Fair will be September 11 – 20, 2015. There will be many competitions with judging and prizes for all ages. Entry information may be found on the competition page of the website. For general information, go to the main page of the Mountain State Fair website. Tickets are sold at different sites and at the gate. Hope all have fun this year at the fair!

Just a reminder that THE PONY EXPRESS will be making rounds to the Yancey Extension office again this year. They will pick up and deliver entries from Yancey County to the NC Mountain State Fair. The Fair is getting close and we are excited that they offer this service to our residents. If you need a Fair Book you can pick one up at our office.

Your entries need to be delivered to our office, wrapped and packed securely for transport, on or before August 24th. Remember that this is for non-perishable entries only. Check your book or the website for entry dates involving produce, flowers and baking entries.