2016 Farm City Outstanding Achievement Awards

— Written By Norma Chrisawn

n the annual celebration of Farm-City Week, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Yancey County Center, in cooperation with local civic organizations and sponsors, would like to recognize members of the community who have made a difference in the lives of the citizens of Yancey County. Yancey County is blessed with many citizens who dedicate their time and talents to benefit others. The following award recipients will be recognized at the annual Farm City Week breakfast held the first Thursday in December:

  • Educator:  Sponsored by:  Yancey County Retired Teachers Association.
  • Farmer:   Sponsor:  Lion’s Club
  • Youth:   Sponsor:  Tammy McEntyre, Clerk of Superior Court
  • Homemaker:   Sponsor:  Extension & Community Association
  • Business & Industry:   Sponsor:  Burnsville Men’s Club
  • Sustainable Agriculture:   Sponsor:  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.
  • Citizenship:  Sponsor:  Chamber of Commerce
  • Next Generation in Agriculture:   Sponsor:  Farmers Market
  • Women in Agriculture:  Sponsor:  Rotary Club
  • Unsung Hero:   (Example:  customer service, support personnel, etc.)   Sponsor:  Rabek, Boothe & Associates 
  • Women in Business:  Sponsor:  Joyce Watts

Any member of the community may submit nominations in any of the categories listed by returning the nomination form by Friday, November 18, 2016, to the Yancey County Extension Center. Please contact the Yancey Extension Center to get a nomination form and a list of former recipients or click the following link to download the form in Word or PDF. Former recipients are not eligible, click former recipients for list. For more Information, please contact the Cooperative Extension Center at 682-6186 or e-mail  norma_chrisawn@ncsu.edu. Please send in those nominations and help us recognize our deserving citizens!