Local Food Pantry in Need of Financial Support

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Reconciliation House

Reconciliation House’s store front which is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Reconciliation House has always been a hero in our Yancey County community and has stepped up once again to serve our community as we attempt to understand COVID-19 and its impacts. This organization is doing their very best to keep up with the needs of our community, but finding that they are quickly running out of resources to match that growing need. Through the week of March 23-March 28, Rec House reported serving 321 families / 866 individuals through their food pantry, finding those numbers nearly doubled from the week prior. 

Reconciliation House Food Pickup

Currently, Reconciliation House offers a drive through food box pick up. 

To respect social distancing and the recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19, Reconciliation House has closed their store front, a reliable source of income for the organization that funded purchases for the food pantry, stipends to help clients with emergency needs (rent, utilities), employee salaries, etc. Reliable donations that typically come from partnering community organizations have slowed or stopped as well, as those organizations attempt to also survive and serve their audiences. 

Reconciliation House Line

Lines for food boxes extend well down the street. 

Reconciliation House can use the support of community members most through financial donations which will go primarily to purchasing food for the community, employee salaries, emergency funds for community members in crisis. Without your support, Reconciliation House will be making tough choices about their offerings to the community and their staffing. If you have any amount to donate, please know that no amount is too small:  

Donate to Reconciliation House 

Secondary to financial donations, Reconciliation House is also accepting volunteers willing assist in organizing and packing the food boxes that are distributed to community members. Volunteers will be scanned for their temperature, as well as asked to wear a mask and gloves for the safety of the community, especially those more vulnerable. If you are interested in volunteering, please call (828) 682-7251.

Reconciliation House Volunteers During COVID-19

Reconciliation House volunteers wearing masks and gloves as recommended by health authorities.