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Yancey Cattleman’s Association By-Laws



To provide educational opportunities for members in the development and improvement of beef quality in Yancey County.


Section A. Membership shall consist of persons engaged in or interested in producing, feeding, and marketing beef cattle.

Section B. Dues shall be $15.00 per person or $25.00 per farm per year.

Junior membership (any person under the age of 18) shall be $5.00 per year. Dues will be used for operational expenses.

Section C. Meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of every other month or as the President or Board deems necessary. The annual business meeting will be held every year in (August) the same month of the election of the first Board of Officers and Directors.

Section D. The following procedures shall be followed at business meetings:

  1. Reading of the minutes of the last business meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s report.
  3. Old and new business.


Section A. The board shall consist of four Officers, three Directors and one Junior (non-voting) Director.

Section B. Officers shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary.

Section C. Officers will be elected annually at the annual business meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor and a majority vote of the members present will elect officers. Ten members present will constitute a quorum.

Section D. The office of President and Vice President can only be held once every five years. The five years will begin at the end of their term. All others may succeed themselves.

Section E. Directors shall consist of the past President, two members elected from the floor and the Junior Director.

Section F. All seats of the Board will be filled at the inaugural election.

Section G. The Board shall have the power to act in accordance with the approved budget. All other disbursements must be presented to the membership for prior approval.

Section H. Time spent by Officers, Directors, and members shall be voluntary.

Section I. Rotation of officers will be as follows:

Vise President to President, President to the Past President

Director position


Section A. President

  1. Preside over meetings of membership.
  2. Preside over meetings of Directors.
  3. Direct work of Association.
  4. Appoint committees as needed.

Section B. Vice President

  1. Preside over meetings in absence of President
  2. Direct work of committees
  3. Assume the role of President should President be unable to fulfill their responsibilities

Section C. Treasurer

  1. Send out dues notices
  2. Maintain checking account
  3. Pay all approved bills
  4. Present Treasurer’s report, including all receipts and


  1. All checks drawn on Yancey County Cattlemen’s Association will require the signature of the President or Treasurer

Section D. Recording Secretary

  1. Keep accurate records of the meeting and Association activities.


Section A. Business Meetings where policy disbursement of Association money, and/or amendments or changes to the By-Laws is being considered, a quorum must be present to vote on these matters. Ten members present shall constitute a quorum and a 2/3 majority vote will be required for approval.

Section B. No Part of the net earnings of YCCA shall go to the benefit of any Officer, Director or member of the Association. If the Association is dissolved the assets thereof, shall after all liabilities and obligations have been discharged, or adequate provisions made therefore, be distributed to any organization or organizations organized for the purposes similar to those of the Yancey County Cattlemen’s Association, as set forth in the Articles of said Association.

Section C. All policy and By-Laws changes will require a 2/3 majority vote, of the minimum of ten members present.

Section D. The Board of Directors shall have the books, accounts, and operations of this Association audited annually or, in it’s discretion, more frequently and may require an accounting or have an audit made of the handling of any Association funds by any Officer, committee or members of this Association.