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Yancey County Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science: What’s That?

In the past, you might have heard your parents or grandparents refer to Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) as “home ec, or home economics”. However, FCS is much more than what was taught in schools decades ago. This class of sciences goes beyond reading a recipe, changing a diaper, stitching a hem, and balancing a checkbook. 

Family and Consumer Sciences involves absolutely everyone  – from newborns to senior citizens – and FCS skills are crucial in our current economy. More people are growing, harvesting, and canning or cooking their own foods, budgeting and prioritizing, and taking care of what they already own. 

NC State Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs focus on: 

  • improving human health
  • reducing chronic disease and illness
  • nutrition (healthy eating)
  • physical activity
  • local foods
  • food preservation
  • food safety

Although NC State Extension’s core FCS programming is related to food, nutrition, and food safety, we also take a holistic approach to health, addressing other issues that affect the physical, emotional, financial, environmental, and social of families. These additional health-related issues include:

  • relationships
  • parenting
  • positive youth development
  • healthy housing
  • family financial management 

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For more information about Yancey County Family and Consumer Science Programs, please contact Niki Maness at (828) 682-6186 or